Back in focus

Well, I realize it’s been a while since I’ve last posted.  I guess life got in the way, that and no internet connection for a couple of months didn’t help either.  I’ve been really busy with work (my day job) for the last few months and haven’t been able to focus on my photography as much as I’d like.

I am in the process of getting the final phases of getting my studio off the ground, though I won’t have a store front for a while, mainly on location for portraits, weddings, and outdoor photography.  I am able to process credit cards from pretty much anywhere, so payments will be easy, quick and secure.  I will also be updating my website ( soon with more info about portraits, etc.

I posted one of my favorite pictures below.  I found this old movie camera in front of a Hollywood museum in Jerome, Arizona, a couple of years ago while on a road trip with some friends (you know who you are).  It reminds me that I need to be more in focus with my dreams of opening a photo studio and art gallery.