Photo of the Week

(The view from) Smithsonian Butte. The views up there are awesome; however, getting there is a bit dangerous. When I went, the ground was so dry that boulders were coming loose when stepping on them. One even went over the cliff. I said, “that’s it! We’re leaving now!” It wasn’t until later I discovered there was a smudge on the lens. (sob)

Website Update

I have had to move my website to WordPress because my other host has major issues and I’m not sure when they are coming back up. This is the second time in two months their services have failed, so I have said good bye (forever) to the other host. I will be updating this site to get it more like I’m looking for.

I’ve also added more images to the gallery, which are available for purchase through the Prints Available page. I’ve also added a comment form on the About the Artist page. Eventually that will be on its own page.