I was looking through my lunar eclipse photos, and ran across something amazing!  The moon in total eclipse.

While I was taking photos that night, I kept thinking about what the primitive peoples would do if they saw something like this.  I’ll let you use your imagination as to that thought as well.

IMG_5693 copy


2 thoughts on “Totality

  1. Thanks Kelly and thanks for updating the vc this morning. Wish you could have been with us the past couple of days. amazing sights​. Talk to you soon N


  2. WOW! What did they think? The primitive people may have thought it was the end of the world. OR time to harvest all the crops. OR let’s just go back to bed and see if the sun comes up. HA HA HA
    GREAT SHOT! I could not get mine to appear that dark or I gave up too soon!

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