Clear Creek Colors

Some fall colors for your enjoyment from Clear Creek in Zion National Park.

IMG_8528 copy.jpg




Finally Friday: Abert Squirrel

I found this little guy at the Grand Canyon South Rim when I worked there a few years ago.  I would often walk to work and walk home through the forests.  I saw this cutie scampering around the trail for several days, and I was able to get some closeups of him, which I hear, were pretty rare.  These squirrels are related to the famous Kaibab Squirrel, and from what I was told, they were the same species before the Canyon split.  After centuries of separation, they have evolved into two seperate species.  Anyway, here’s Mr. Abert Squirrel, Esq.




A Photo Challenge: Supermoon

A friend challenged me to post a nature photo every day for seven days. Challenge accepted!  I would like to make it a 30 day challenge, we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I decided to make my first entry of the challenge tonight’s supermoon.  I went with a friend up to the east side of Zion where the plateau opens up for a better view of the moon rise.  It was absolutely spectacular!


The moon just as it left the horizon.


Tonight I took probably the best shots of the moon to date.

On the way back home, we stopped at the Checkerboard Mesa pullout to try our luck at something different.


These are the cliffs looking west.


Looking back at the moon. I didn’t realize until after I processed this, that I got the Seven Sisters as well.  Bonus!!!





Kolob Colors Revisited

I promised more images from my Kolob Terrace trip.  Sorry it took so long getting these out there.  img_8348-copy

I love the juxtaposition of the light yellows and greens against the dark green.

img_8336-copyPerfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the sound of the ripples on the shore.

img_8419-copyBeautiful day for a flight (if you’re a Mallard duck).