The Brianhead fire is the largest blaze in the United States. It has consumed more than 60,000 acres, and is now 60% contained.   The town of Brianhead is now reopened. However the fire is moving north into Bear Valley. It’s sad to see this mountain torched like this. 

The mountain was covered with dead trees from the dreaded bark beetle.   I know that fire cleanses and renews the ground for new growth, but it will take at least 70 years to get conifers back on this mountain. 

Looking east into Bear Valley. The peak on the right is Little Creek. On the left is Sandy Peak. 

Looking west. The peak on the right is Litte Creek. 

It’s sad to see this destruction and know what impacts it’s going to have. What really hurts is this is the time of year the mule deer have their young, so there are likely thousands of animals that have been killed in this fire.