About the Artist


I enjoy exploring the natural world looking for experiences and places that soothe the soul and bring joy to the heart.  I love to wander in the desert, mountains, hills and wherever my four wheels will take me.  When I hike, I’d rather be looking at the flowers or mountains and trees, instead of rushing to get to the end of the hike.  By looking at the tiny details, I get a wonder of the beauty that is out there.  

I love to photograph nature in all its forms, whether birds, landscapes, animals or flowers and everything in between. I also enjoy traveling to new places in order to see and experience new things. I caught the photography bug in the late 1970’s and have enjoyed creating art ever since.



3 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. Love all those areas ! We so enjoyed just the relatively short time we explored around there .You are right about the scale of the places 😉


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