Updated Prints & Accessories Page

I recently updated my Prints and Accessories page to include dimensions and prices of my images. All images in the Galleries are available for purchase. The images will be on metal with hangars attached.

To purchase an image, please use Contact Artist page and then enter the image name/number from the gallery and the desired size. I will then contact you to finalize the purchase. I’m looking into better options for purchasing my images, so this will be updated in the near future.

I can also have accessories, such as mouse pads, phone cases, clothing, etc., printed with the image of your choice.


Gallery Updates

On the advice from a fellow blogger, I organized my galleries to be subject specific.  There is a new gallery for Bryce Canyon National Park (I realize I need to post more photos of this beautiful place), Grand Canyon National Park, and of course, my beloved Zion National Park.  I also posted galleries for flowers and birds, with a gallery for Ancient Art, Arizona, and Other Animals in the works.

Enjoy the images! Remember, they are all available for purchase.  Contact me for details.


Gunsmoke ….. Revisited…. (sort of)

I remember watching the TV show Gunsmoke while growing up.  It was on quite often, almost nightly it seemed (maybe it was the re-runs, who knows).  It was a memorable experience watching this show during my childhood.  I occasionally will watch an episode here and there.  I also enjoyed listening to the Gunsmoke radio shows as well.

Growing up in Southern Utah, I had no idea the set for this show is in Kanab, Utah (one of the sets anyway from what I’ve found online).  All these 40 odd years living here, and I found out just a few weeks ago that it’s still there!  Boy, did I want to go see the set, look around and reminisce about days gone by, and imagining what it would be like to live in the Old West.

I recently made a trip to Kanab to see the set.  I was saddened to see the condition of the set.  Most of the buildings have either collapsed or are on the verge of collapse.  It’s too bad that the set hasn’t been maintained.

I have a panorama of the site; unfortunately, it’s too big to post here.  However I took some images of the site, and chose to do them in black and white, I think it’s fitting to tribute the show.




It seems that the only structure still standing in relatively one piece is the hangman’s noose.  Ironic, really.



I feel it’s better to go back and watch the TV show, and remember the times it represented and the people who shaped this country and West into what it is today.  Even though the set is mostly gone, it’s good to know that these times are going to be looked back on as a turning point in history, and future generations will look back at us and see how we did.  Question is, how will we fare?  It’s up to us to choose the high road, stay on the right side of the law, and always remember to be friendly to strangers and those you know.


Opening Ebay Store

Announcing the opening of the first of many items being listed on Ebay for auction.  Since it is early summer, I thought it best to start with a symbol of spring: bees pollinating flowers.  I enjoy this photograph.  I took this at the Grand Canyon when I was working there.  This is a print of a 5×7 framed and signed.  When I took this photograph, I wasn’t aware of the bee in the shot.  I tried to get more of this bee, but as I like bees but they don’t like me, I ran as soon as it came towards me.  Here is a link to the item in

Back in focus

Well, I realize it’s been a while since I’ve last posted.  I guess life got in the way, that and no internet connection for a couple of months didn’t help either.  I’ve been really busy with work (my day job) for the last few months and haven’t been able to focus on my photography as much as I’d like.

I am in the process of getting the final phases of getting my studio off the ground, though I won’t have a store front for a while, mainly on location for portraits, weddings, and outdoor photography.  I am able to process credit cards from pretty much anywhere, so payments will be easy, quick and secure.  I will also be updating my website (www.kellyguymon.com) soon with more info about portraits, etc.

I posted one of my favorite pictures below.  I found this old movie camera in front of a Hollywood museum in Jerome, Arizona, a couple of years ago while on a road trip with some friends (you know who you are).  It reminds me that I need to be more in focus with my dreams of opening a photo studio and art gallery.