Gallery Updates

On the advice from a fellow blogger, I organized my galleries to be subject specific.  There is a new gallery for Bryce Canyon National Park (I realize I need to post more photos of this beautiful place), Grand Canyon National Park, and of course, my beloved Zion National Park.  I also posted galleries for flowers and birds, with a gallery for Ancient Art, Arizona, and Other Animals in the works.

Enjoy the images! Remember, they are all available for purchase.  Contact me for details.



Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Last night, I went out with some friends to watch the eclipse.  Through some miscommunication (or misunderstanding) we all ended up in different places instead.  Either way, we all had fun watching the eclipse.

Just as I got to the spot I thought we needed to be, the moon started coming up over the peaks of Zion National Park.  It was pretty cloudy at the time, so I put my equipment together pretty quickly and started shooting.

I was using my 500mm lens, which is a fixed f8 and manual focus lens, which is extremely difficult to focus on something that you can’t see in the view finder, i.e., an eclipsed moon.  On top of that, I require glasses, and what I see focused in the view finder (and on the screen) may not be in focus for me but not everyone else.  On top of that, I was using ISO1600 which is pretty noisy especially in night photography.  So, as you can see, the images aren’t exactly what I was hoping for.

The crazy part is the images look in focus on the thumbnails but not in full size.  Figure that one out.  Any suggestions would be helpful, btw.

On the upside of all this, I was able to document the entire eclipse from beginning to end.  I had fun and enjoyed myself.  Enjoy.

IMG_5363 copy

IMG_5551 copy

IMG_5670 copy

IMG_5735 copy


Life is full of storm clouds, and gloom and doom.  A friend of mine likes to say that stormy black clouds are “ominous and foreboding”.  It’s very difficult sometimes to look for the good in all that gloom and foreboding, but no matter where you look there is always hope and beauty.

There may be pouring rain, but look for the water falls and rainbows.  There may be dark skies and a stiff wind, but listen to the leaves in the trees rattle and swish.  There may be black clouds, but the sun is there poking his head through to brighten even the darkest of days.

Here is my home on a stormy afternoon, rife with clouds and threats of flash floods.  There is always beauty in Nature around us.  Go out there and enjoy.  If there are storm clouds on the horizon, anticipate the rain, relax and enjoy.


IMG_4583 copy

Announcing the Opening of My Storefronts

Today I opened my Red Bubble Store and Zazzle Store.  Currently there are only two images available in my Red Bubble Store, and several images available in my Zazzle Store, and I will be adding more very soon.  There are many products available for these two images, and these options will be available for the coming images as well.  There are prints available of these images that are framed, posters, unframed, wall art, canvas, and metallic prints.  The sizes currently are 8×10 and 12×16 with more sizes coming soon.  Also available are iPhone and Samsung cases, iPad cases, totes, pillows, mugs, and greeting cards, mousepads, key chains, and speakers available.  More products will be coming soon.  Visit the Prints and Accessories page for more information and to visit my store front.

The first image is of Zion Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah.  It is one of the most popular hikes in Zion.  It was carved from solid rock by the very unassuming Virgin River and its tributaries.  The image was taken at the confluence of the Virgin River and Orderville Canyon.


The second image is The Great White Throne in winter.  This mountain is one of the most photographed in Zion.  Most photos you’ll see of it is in the summer or spring.  However, it’s unusual to see it covered in snow and clouds.
Great White Throne


Wow! It’s been an amazing month! I’ve been posting a daily photo for the month of November. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, but with work it’s been difficult. I’ll do my best to keep this up with my recent adventures hiking.

So, with no further ado, here is one of my favorite shots of the Watchman Mountain in Zion National Park. It’s a perfect storm of conditions that were present at the time.


Zion Floods!

All week long, the National Weather Service has been predicting a major storm for Southern Utah.  Well, this storm finally arrived!  And one daddy of a storm it is!  Check out the radar image as of 9:00pm MST!  (Courtesy of WeatherBug)


Anyway, it’s usual to go into Springdale to get hiking food for days off, and needless to say, it was raining the entire time. (It’s going to rain for sometime, actually.)  On the way back, we were stopped at Canyon Junction by a Park Ranger that told us the road was closed because of flash flooding across the road.  So we had to pull up and wait for some time to get the all clear.  While parked, we decided to go look at the river.  Well, if you’ve never seen a flash flood, here you go:


This was awesome!  However, as rivers do, they tend to increase in size, especially when countless waterfalls are pouring into the river.  The image above?  that was the beginning!  About 10 to 15 minutes later, we decided to go back to the river, and guess what?

CRW_1251That’s right!  The river flow increased dramatically!  At least 10 fold!  It was a sight to behold!  Standing there on the river’s edge watching trees (and possibly boulders) flow down the river.  I was enjoying the view, when I turned around and saw this:

CRW_1257This changed my attitude very quickly of WOW! to UH OH!  Maybe this isn’t such a good idea to be standing here.  I looked closer to the trees where I was standing and…..

CRW_1258… sure enough, the river was rising!

CRW_1262Time to get to high ground!  As the National Weather Service always says, “Turn around, don’t drown.”  So we high tailed it out of there.

By this time, we had yet to hear from the Park Ranger, so we decided it was time to go up the road and try to get home to Zion Lodge.  A short time later, we were stopped again by a shuttle in the road.  I decided to take advantage of the situation and get more photos of the river and waterfalls.

CRW_1265This was at the curve which was flooded out in 1995 by a flood, below the Sentinel.  These trees are about 8 to 10 feet tall, or were that tall.

Here’s a cool look at the Sentinel:

CRW_1274The mountain in front is the infamous Sentinel Slide that created a lake in Zion Canyon about 10,000 years ago or so.

Here are some cool waterfalls coming off the Twins.  The water of course is what’s flooding the road.


After much tribulation and driving through mud and debris, we made it back to the lodge.  It’s always a treat to see Employee Falls flowing.  However, it’s unusual to see three waterfalls at the same time.  It’s either only one or two.  It’s also unusual to see clouds below the rim like this, so, enjoy!


Hope you enjoyed the adventure as much as I did.  You of course stayed dry the entire time.  By the time I got home, I was soaked to the bone from the rain.


Wild Weekly’s Photo Contest: Clouds

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and outdoor photography magazine Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Clouds!

Do you remember as a kid looking at clouds to imagine the shapes and objects you could find there?

Here is a dragon!CRW_0034

Clouds also means lighting storms.


You normally see clouds in the sky, but sometimes clouds do strange things. For example, have you ever seen clouds below the rim of the Grand Canyon? At sunset, during the winter? Doesn’t happen very often.


Sometimes storms can build very quickly, especially here in the desert. Here is West Temple in Zion National Park.


Now, here is the same mountain ten minutes later:

A couple of minutes later it gets even thicker:


Within ten to fifteen minutes, it looks like this:


Finally it cleared up about twenty minutes later.


Looking at this storm was an awesome experience, since it has been a long time since I’ve seen a storm like this. What I found out later is that the town of Virgin, Utah was flooded out and some friends lost their homes from this flood.