Wandering Around New York City

After visiting the World Trade Center, we walked all over Lower Manhattan in New York City.  A couple of blocks from St. Paul’s Church is Trinity Church.  This is the one featured in a recent Hollywood blockbuster film.  Interestingly enough, the original was built in 1697 then destroyed in the Great Fire in 1776, the second church was built in 1790 and later damaged by a heavy snow storm in 1838 and later demolished to build the one standing today and dedicated in 1846.  It is still an active parish with regular services and community outreach.

A brief history of Trinity Church.

Trinity Church is currently undergoing some structural reconditioning.

Trinity is the burial place of Alexander Hamilton, his wife and her family, and many other people from the time of the Revolutionary War.


A few blocks south of Trinity Church is the Bull of Wall Street, although it seems that it’s on Hollywood Boulevard and not Wall Street.  It’s also nearly always heavily occupied by tourists that want their photo with different parts of the bull. Go figure, right?


Just around the corner from the Bull is the old Custom House which is now the Native American Cultural Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institute.


Across the street is Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty.  It was amazing and awesome to see Lady Liberty.  IMG_1899.jpg

Coming out of the subway in another part of the city, the first building I saw was this one, that looks like it has a helipad next to the penthouse suite.IMG_1810.jpg

Just down the street is the Empire State Building.



Another subway ride away is Times Square.


IMG_1838.jpgThe saxaphone player on the left was jamming out some hot jazz, so we stopped there for a while to listen.  It’s crazy how many people are in Times Square.  It reminded me of the crowds in Zion Narrows.

Looking for a place to enjoy lunch, we found Bryant Park.  It has a nice pavilion for concerts, several cafes and a great view of the City Library.

Somewhere along the way near Central Park I found one of the oldest operating Jewish Synagogue in the country.  IMG_1773

I had a great time in New York, but this was just a stop over point to Paris and Normandy.




Zion Waterfalls

I went to Zion today to take care of some business, and it was raining like crazy! After I got everything done, i drove up to the Temple of Sinawava to check out the waterfalls. I saw waterfalls where I haven’t seen them for a very long time, and others that I’ve not seen before. At one point, the water was just pouring over the side of the cliffs. Enjoy!

Employee Falls

Refrigerator Canyon (Angel’s Landing on right)

Above Weeping Rock

From Hidden Canyon I have not seen this waterfall at the Temple of Sinewava like this in a very long time.

Announcing the Opening of My Storefronts

Today I opened my Red Bubble Store and Zazzle Store.  Currently there are only two images available in my Red Bubble Store, and several images available in my Zazzle Store, and I will be adding more very soon.  There are many products available for these two images, and these options will be available for the coming images as well.  There are prints available of these images that are framed, posters, unframed, wall art, canvas, and metallic prints.  The sizes currently are 8×10 and 12×16 with more sizes coming soon.  Also available are iPhone and Samsung cases, iPad cases, totes, pillows, mugs, and greeting cards, mousepads, key chains, and speakers available.  More products will be coming soon.  Visit the Prints and Accessories page for more information and to visit my store front.

The first image is of Zion Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah.  It is one of the most popular hikes in Zion.  It was carved from solid rock by the very unassuming Virgin River and its tributaries.  The image was taken at the confluence of the Virgin River and Orderville Canyon.


The second image is The Great White Throne in winter.  This mountain is one of the most photographed in Zion.  Most photos you’ll see of it is in the summer or spring.  However, it’s unusual to see it covered in snow and clouds.
Great White Throne

Perseid Meteor Shower (Fail)

On this past Monday night, the peak of the Perseid Meteor Show was supposed to give a fantastic show.  I went camping that same night, which by luck fell on the same night as this event.

The site of this amazing camp was at Kolob Reservoir on the Kolob Terrace section of Zion National Park.  It was a cool 7,500 ft in elevation and nice and cool for the entire trip.  We got there around mid afternoon and picked out the campsite next to the lake.  We went for a short hike up the hill, and then relaxed the rest of the day by the lake.  This is what a sunset looks like there.


It’s absolutely quiet here, with the occasional boater and fisher to come by.  They don’t disturb the quiet very much, since noise will scare fish away.  This is at least what I was told when I was younger.

While wandering around getting photos of sunset, I ran across some yellow flowers that are amazing.  Take a look:



Around sunset, I setup my equipment to capture the Perseid Meteor Shower.  Here is one shot of the constellation Cassiopeia.


I had everything ready for the meteor shower.  I took over 80 photos of the constellations trying to capture some meteoric displays, which I saw quite a few awesome trails across the sky.  I captured this image:


I looked at this image the next day, seeing a trail in this image.  I processed it like crazy to determine if I actually captured a meteor trail.  However, I discovered a commercial airline had crossed the sky when I took this image.    In all the 80 images, all I got was two airliners.  Hence, what I did see of the Perseid Meteor Shower was awesome and exciting.  However I came to the conclusion it’s easier to photograph lightning.  At least lightning is somewhat easier to predict and anticipate for capturing on film.

The next day, my friend and I went hiking above Kolob Reservoir, and this was the view from the hike:

Kolob Terrace


On the left is Zion Canyon, with the Narrows and Kolob Creek, in the middle is Kolob Reservoir and on the right is the Kolob Canyons and Kolob Fingers.


Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Water

First of all, I want to wish all you Ghouls and Goblins, Orcs and Halflings (and other such creatures) a very happy and safe Halloween!

I am participating in this week’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge of Water.  This photo is of Zion Narrows.  This canyon was carved by the amazingly small Virgin River over many millennia.  It’s also one of Zion’s most popular hikes, but is prone to flash flooding.


I also decided to include a photo I took of a sunset in the Gulf of Mexico while on a cruise.  This was taken just after leaving Cazumel, Mexico.  It shows the beauty and desolation of the ocean.  Almost like being lost at sea.


On the Move

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted.  Of course it’s due to being really busy with work and life in the city.  Anyway, I’m in the process of leaving Las Vegas (yeaaaahhhhh!!)  and going home to Paradise!  Namely Zion National Park in Southern Utah.

I’m getting back to my element of nature and the wilderness to get some rejuvenation to the soul.  I’m looking forward to this move and excited about the prospects of what’s waiting for me.

I will also be updating more often of my adventures (and misadventures) now that I’ll be able to go hiking and camping again, since I haven’t done any hiking and camping after moving to the city. This excites me more than anything.  I’ll be able to get out and be photographing again which I’m really looking forward to.