PFTA: John Ford’s Point

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park on the border of Utah and Arizona. At the time, I was a tour guide and brought two wonderful couples from Germany here and was able to join them as translator. During the tour, we stopped at John Ford’s Point overlook. There was a Navajo gentleman who rode his horse out to John Ford’s Point and waved his hat for the tour groups that visited the Valley.

John Ford’s Point got its name from the movie director John Ford as a tribute to him for bringing Monument Valley to life on the Big Screen. Mr. Ford filmed several movies in Monument Valley, including John Wayne’s famous She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. The ending of The Code Talkers was also filmed on this point.

The history of this valley and area is vast and deep, and there is no way I could ever do it justice. I will just say that it is an amazing place that should be visited and hallowed as sacred ground.





Yes, they do exist!  Well, they exist in myth, legend and stone.  Somewhere on the Arizona Strip lies a petroglyph that resembles a thunderbird.  It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

To have witnessed the day it was created would be an amazing experience.  Too bad it was thousands of years ago, so we will never know what happened that day.  We can only speculate why it was created or what it means.  Putting that all aside, we can still enjoy its beauty and majesty.

So let your imagination run wild and enjoy the Thunderbird.

Stay curious.