PFTA: Old Faithful Lodge

I had the unique opportunity to visit Yellowstone National Park during the winter a few years ago. I won a trip for two for two nights at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge. I booked the trip the previous summer for mid-January the following year. I timed the trip perfectly. The week before I got there, the high was -15F and the lows were sub-zero. When I was there, the high was 15F and the lows were about -15. The day after I left, it snowed several feet. It was an amazing trip, and I was able to walk around the Old Faithful Basin as long as I could feel my toes-then it was inside to warm up. The morning of my second day, I looked out the hotel window and watched the Old Faithful Geyser erupt, so I grabbed my camera and took this photo of the eruption. In the foreground is the Old Faithful Lodge and some snow cats.

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One of the more anticipating activities in Yellowstone is to wait for a geyser to erupt.  Some erupt quite frequently, while others take a few years in between eruptions.  Probably the most popular and famous geyser is Old Faithful, because it erupts on a (somewhat) regular schedule.

I stood there in awe as the power of Nature erupted before my eyes.  Of course, I had to capture it on “film” (digital in this case) so I could relive the majesty of it afterwards.


The Tetons in Winter

After leaving Yellowstone, we were driving past the Tetons, and I saw this view so I had to stop.  The Snake River is in the foreground.  I also experimented a bit with this shot:  I discovered my polarizing filter, which I haven’t used very much.  Let me know what you think.


Yellowstone: A Preview

I recently went on vacation to Yellowstone National Park. I took several hundred photos of the sights, which will be featured in future posts. However I will show you how I got there and the view from my hotel room.


My ride into and out of the park.


The view from my hotel room. The historic Old Faithful Inn. (And the ice skating rink).