Zion Sunrise

I took this on my way to work last week. These are the Towers and Temples of the Virgin.


Zion’s First Snow of the Season.

It snowed in Zion for the first time this season. It’s the first measurable moisture we have had since late March. It was glorious to behold. I took this on my way to work.

Also, I just received an alert from WordPress that 10 years ago today I signed up for this blog and page. Wow! What a ride! Thanks for the support over the years, and here’s to many more years of this blog.


A Bit of Beauty

With all the gloomy news right now, we deserve a little beauty to take our minds off the doom and gloom. I just took this as I was walking home from work today. It was snowing this morning (on Friday the 13th, in the desert? Go figure..), and it’s been raining all day.


Employee Falls

Sunday Sunrise

Sunrise in Zion National Park this morning was absolutely gorgeous! It snowed overnight, and cleared out sometime early this morning.



Happy Spring

First, I must profusely apologize for not posting for a while. Work somehow got in the way and became my life, and I’m trying to remedy that so I can get out with a camera again. (It’s been too long!). 

Anyway, it’s supposed to be Spring, but I woke up to this:



Rock Slide in Zion- Update

Miracles never cease!!  NPS worked through the entire weekend to clean these rocks up, and the road opened on Sunday 9/27 to all traffic.

This morning there was a rock slide that closed Highway 9 through the Park.

The road will be closed through the weekend.

The alternate routes are highway 59 through Hurricane, Utah; highway 14 through Cedar Canyon or highway 20 north of Cedar City, Utah.

Winter is (Finally) Here!

After several weeks of 70+ degree temperatures, it was starting to look like Spring had arrived (in February??). The fruit trees are all in bloom, and the cottonwoods are starting to bud out, but it’s too early for that because there’s always a frost in March.

Today that all changed! It was raining most of the night, but it started snowing this morning!

IMG_0328 IMG_0341